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A fantasy novel series

The timeless citadel
Volume 1  

Can a legend kill?

Seven have been chosen.


Their mission: free humanity from history’s greatest secret.


Waking up in the middle of a desert, they know nothing about each other, or why they have been chosen.


Yet, each of them carries within themselves a piece of the great mystery.

Soon, an epic journey will begin. It will take them places beyond their wildest dreams.


But first, the youngest one will have to survive their worst nightmare: The Timeless Citadel.

The Timeless Citadel is the thrilling first tale in the Briseis fantasy series. If you like unusual heroes, extra-dimensional adventures, and supernatural mysteries, you’ll love Tiphaine Siovel’s imaginative story.

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Les romans

Shadows and Chimeras

Volume 2

In the great Middle Kingdom, unrest is brewing.


The Son of Heaven, the undisputed master of the Golden Age, is only a shadow of himself.


Manipulated by the Elite hidden among his courtiers, he does not see that his end, and that of his people, is near.


Propelled into this world full of legends and chimeras, Briseis and her friends will have to question their own beliefs in order to expose where the real danger lies.


Will they be able to prevent the collapse of a dynasty?


Follow Briseis in Shadows and Chimeras and enter a world of machinations in which time is of the essence.

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Should we believe in legends?

The Cursed Chimera
Volume 3

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Are they legend hunters
is a legend hunting them?

In the kingdom of France, a shadow lurks.


A bloodthirsty wyvern is laying waste to the countryside. Knights are coming from all over the country to Carcassonne to fight it. But the Evil One’s creatures rule the streets, and soon the wyvern will be here…


Plunged into the dark universe of a city stifled by fears, Briseis and her friends will have to unmask the real culprits before it’s too late.


Will they survive the Elite’s foulest plan?


Follow Briseis in the legendary depths of The Cursed Chimera and unravel a breathtaking conspiracy.

prequel to Briseis

A crazy physicist.

A timeless mystery.

A discovery that could change history.

Just as he thinks he has got his hands on a disturbing secret, a brilliant physicist suddenly loses his mind.


His wife, Annie Riccetti, is told that he was the victim of a burnout. Pregnant, left alone to care for her seven-year-old daughter, Annie refuses to accept her husband's fate as mere bad luck.


But when she start an investigation, the answers she wanted are not the ones she gets. Did Lucien Riccetti reveal the inner workings of an occult order, or had he already gone mad?


To reveal the truth and bring back Lucien to life, Annie will have to find the courage to change her perception of reality. But will she not risk then following her husband’s footpath ?



In the universe of the Briseïs series, discover how our heroine’s parents lived the events that set off Briseis’ epic travels.

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Briseis and her friends continue on their quest, finding themselves first in North America in 1842.

Novel currently being written in French

Volume 4 


Tiphaine Siovel

Tiphaine Siovel grew up in Vannes, on the French west coast, in Brittany.

After being a horse whisperer in England, she spent some time in Paris, London, Toulouse. She now likes to spend her time between co-livings around the world, and her family in Brittany.


She often goes travelling around the world to do specific research for her novel series, be it for cultural inspiration, such as China and the States for volume 2 and 4, or for mythological inspiration in countries like Egypt.


She spends her days writing the further of her heroine, who is far from having reached the end of her epic journey.

The Readers

MINDBLOWING. I wasn’t really ready for it. What a universe!   @AlexiaHenricksen 


This novel has TOTALLY turned my brain inside out! My biggest crush this year!  @Luciebook11


Fascinating!  An insane questioning of reality!! @Agoodbookeveryday 


A fantastic novel that really goes off the beaten path.   @Camille Melo Auteur


Tiphaine Siovel is truly an avant-gardist of the fantasy genre.  @BooksSand55


A universe mixing genres and upsetting literary codes! The imagination of the author is clearly boundless.  This novel is unique. @enchanted books 


The author is a genius where imagination is concerned. A unique, believable world; constant twist after twist; adventure; mystery… In short, everything that makes a good novel! Caroline Desforges

The author will not settle for the classic tropes of fantasy… She has accomplished a task of colossal proportions in building such a complex and rich universe.  @les_bonheurs_de_sophie_ 


Nothing is left to chance in this story.  @labibliothequedeceline_cmn


This novel has become some sort of obsession for me.  @Laviedeslignes


Every time we think we won’t be surprised anymore, the author manages to surprise us once more!   @une_passion_de_lecture 


An infinite, original world. Beautifully crafted protagonists. A captivating novel, rich in emotions and characters.  @Fearthewxlrd


In the blink of an eye and a whirlwind of madness, everything falls apart and you are immersed in something entirely different... You won’t have time to get bored!  @enami_books

In the French Press

A first novel authored by Tiphaine Siovel, Briseis is a fantasy targeted at teenagers, but not only!  Very entertaining, light but with a deep meaning, and joyfully surrealistic, this first act of a 4 book series opens enough exciting leads for us to want to read the rest as soon as possible. In other words: we want more!

Jérémy Bérnède,

Midi Culture

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The news

I am half way through

writing in French the prequel

to Briseis, called

the Woman of the Mist.

In English, the first volume is ready,

and I'm waiting for the second volume

to be fully translated to release it.

It will be soon...

Les nouvelles
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