A fantasy novel series

Volume 1  

The Timeless Citadel


As 18-year-old Briseis finds a mysterious mark on her neck, her physicist father, lethargic for years, suddenly wakes up and offers to cure her. Desperate to reconnect with him, she follows him in his crazy experiment…

When she regains consciousness from it, her father is gone and she finds herself in a strange place. She is told she has been accepted into the Citadel, a fortress that prepares a secret Elite to govern the world. Here, watches stop. Corridors never end. Fantastical creatures appear to spy on her from frames on the walls… Where did her father truly send her?

 Enter this epic saga to discover a world full of legends, time travel, supernatural mysteries and adventure. But enter at your peril…

Translated from French by Sarah Wheldon

We all wander in the Dream World when we fall asleep 

Not all of us come back...


Volume 2 

Shadows and Fright

Part 1 - The passage


Briseis and her companions  travel to 8th century China, where they must outmaneuver the schemes in court, all the while learning to see chimeras controlled by the Citadel.

Their stint in the Chinese Empire then leads them…


Volume 2 

Shadows and Fright

Part 2 - The Chimera's Fall


Briseis and her friends continue on their quest, finding themselves first in North America in 1842, then in Europe during the First World War.

Novel currently being written in French

Volume 3 

The time keeper

In the French Press

A first novel authored by Tiphaine Siovel, Briseis is a fantasy targeted at teenagers, but not only!  Very entertaining, light but with a deep meaning, and joyfully surrealistic, this first act of a 4 book series opens enough exciting leads for us to want to read the rest as soon as possible. In other words: we want more!

Jérémy Bérnède,

Midi Culture

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The news

The French version of volume 2 being finished, I will now look at having it translated, while I get working on

volume 3 in French !


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